The World's First Employee Data Platform (EDP)

Engage your employees as you would your customers.

«ProHabits is like the glue, it helps you translate what we want to be, what we want to become, what we value…into how we are going to do that. ProHabits is the air of culture.»

Pamela Stroko
VP of HCM Transformation & Thought Leadership.

«Behavioral change is really hard to do. Common sense is far from common practice. ProHabits reinforces decades of proven practices and provides lasting change.»

Dr. Marshall Goldsmith
World-renowned business educator and coach.

«Success is a function of culture. Culture is a function of behaviors. As a leader there is so much you want to do. ProHabits gives you the path to do it.»

Scott Webster
SVP and Chief Technical Officier
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From CDP to EDP

Transform your Employee Experience with the world's first EDP. Inspired by the looming Consumer Data Platform (CDP) industry, we're revolutionizing employee engagement.

Engage through their favorite digital channels -- Microsoft Teams, emails, SMS.

Plans and launch EX campaigns that drive real business outcomes.

Ready to level up? Dive into ProHabits today!

Unify. Level Up.

Employers need nudges to automate and augment organizational functions, identify patterns and connect directly with employees. Transform your people initiatives into relevant data-driven workflows for employees to learn, change, and grow together.




  • People Initiatives
  • Upskilling
  • Safety
  • Values Activation
  • Policy Shift
  • Cultural Transitions
  • DEI
  • Talent Management

Deliver personalized employee experiences

Personalization helps create consistent employee engagement. Building an effective activation strategy that encourages desired behaviors requires an appeal to the hearts and minds of the individual.

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Make employee data actionable.
Let’s workflow.

Create change and nurture relationships & performance with robust managed service tools to design and execute campaigns of change.

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Our innovative Planning module allows ProHabits to capture customers’ objectives, key metrics, initiatives, and activities. We then use these data points to create a digital marketing plan for people activation campaigns and relevant touch point management.

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Audience Segmentation

The Audience module allows ProHabits to segment employees based on relevant attributes provided by our clients including (but not limited to) demographics, performance, location, and job function. As campaigns evolve, employee data is merged with insights to what employees engage with and why in order increase targeting and relevance.

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The Analytics module will overlay ProHabits data with employee data and key metrics to provide unique insights customizable to the specific objectives of each customer, initiative, and audience. Our performance management framework is inspired by metrics and KPIs used in digital marketing and social media advertising to communicate how your employees are engaging with ProHabits campaigns and why.

5+ Years
3M+ Datapoints
300+ Organizations

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Cut through the noise

Welcome to your People Activation Platform. It’s time to leverage relationship marketing methods to enhance the employee experience.

A competitive advantage

New capabilities without the security risk to sensitive employee data

Finance Fortune 100

more inclusive behavior reported by participants

National Airline

increase in surveyed leadership skills

Fortune 500 Industrial Firm

more positive interactions with teams

Government Agency

behavior change perceived by colleagues and managers

National Restaurant Chain

decrease in employee turnover

Global Insurance Company

increase in customer facing Net Promoter Scores

Create relevant and meaningful connections

No apps. No passwords. No Downloads.
All in the flow of existing work channels.
Digital. Scalable. Measurable.
All customized to employee brand standards.

Augment & Automate

Employers need to automate and augment organizational functions to identify patterns and connect directly with employees.The business wants x, employee want y, ProHabits translates and delivers.

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More than a nudge. The air of company culture.

With ProHabits, confidently achieve your most ambitious objectives, provide everyone the personalized, step-by-step support they need to take the best route towards collective achievements.

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Pamela Stroko
VP of HCM Transformation & Thought Leadership.