Take action today & measure what matters

MicroActions create macro impact for organizations.

We help enterprises and their people develop world-class professional habits through our proprietary MicroActions and employee nurturing system.


A science-backed solution elevating employee behavior and providing opportunities to enhance relationships and well-being.

ProHabits sits at the intersection of our modern work environment and human potential. We offer insights that will help you better understand your organization’s behavior and ignite change.


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“ProHabits is like the glue, it helps you translate what you want to be, what we want to become, what we value into how we are going to do that. ProHabits is the air of culture.”

VP of HCM Transformation & Thought Leadership.

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“Behavioral change is really hard to do. Common sense is far from common practice. ProHabits reinforces my decades of proven practices and provides lasting change.”

World-renowned business educator and coach.

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“Success is a function of culture. Culture is a function of behaviors. As a leader there is so much you want to do. ProHabits gives you the prompt to do it.”

SVP and Chief Technical Officier

Science based behavioral method. MicroActions.

Why does ProHabits work in today’s digital work environment? It’s a simple tool that is setup and mastered in minutes. Change happens one small step at a time. Each action evokes an emotional reaction guiding the user toward better behaviors that drive change for the organization.

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The most effective way to drive change that is tailored to your business.

Just as every company is unique, so are the solutions to transformation. We tailor all corporate transformational programs to match your identity, language, and values.

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“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

– Mahatma Gandhi

Science shows our brains follow two routes-low road and high road. The low road is for quick instinctual action. Kitchen on fire? Put it out! The high road processes carefully. Unfortunately, sometimes the brain misfires and we act impulsively.

Today, catch yourself in moments of quick action. Slow down, think things through. Learn about yourself and make your decisions based on love.

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“We need to do a better job of putting ourselves higher on our own ‘to do’ list.”

-Michelle Obama

You wouldn’t let your phone run low without plugging it in would you? So why let your team’s energy level drop below 10%? Now that we’re all working remotely under trying conditions, self-care is more necessity than luxury.

Today, chat with your colleagues about their favorite strategies for recharging their emotional, physical, and spiritual batteries. Can you share your own tips with them?

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“Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.”

– Albert Einstein

A Growth Mindset is the belief that our abilities are flexible and that the journey is more important than the outcome.

Today, cultivate a Growth Mindset. Consider an area at work where you’ve “failed” and haven’t tried again. Instead of avoiding this area, take steps to try again. Get feedback from others to help you improve. Remember, learning is more important than a successful outcome.

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The Benefits

Our science-backed solutions promote the right behaviors aligned to your business strategy.

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Create meaningful interactions between managers and associates.

Good relationships are everything in companies. Human interactions are the building blocks of work relationships. ProHabits provides effective techniques to improve teamwork and build a strong foundation to grow upon.

Learn more about your employee audience.

When it comes to knowing your customer audience you have tools, programs, and scoring in place. When it comes to employees, many companies are just starting to gain a deeper understanding of motives and behaviors. With ProHabits, you’ll gain valuable insights into top performers, discover your untapped motivatables, and build sustainable nurturing programs to retain and develop talent.

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Promote a positive culture and activate values.

Cultivate an environment that enhances the talent, diversity, and happiness of your teams. Invest in a unique, positive culture where employees want to grow their talents and share their futures with your company. Operationalize your core values through daily action and fuel the growth of the organization from the bottom up.

Ability to Personalize

Beginning your journey to meaningful growth through small incrimental steps is just a few clicks away. Use this guide to get the most out of your ProHabit experience.

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