The work environment has evolved

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    Hybrid teams, flattened hierarchical structures and delegated decision-making
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    Commitment to diverse, inclusive and equitable opportunities for all employees.
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    Siloed and disconnected relationships in the organization, 44% of employees are «job seekers» today.
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    91% of employees want personalized, relevant learning and development pathways
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    Misaligned HR, L&D and Change Management programs, creating saturation and disengagement.

The Problems We Solve

65% of employees say that no HR programs in the past 12 months have led to any changes in their behaviors.

How do we ensure that our people programs are aligned with company objectives and initiatives?

How can we make our employee programs more relevant and more engaging?

How can we be proactive and better measure effectiveness with analytics and insights?


Align business objectives to your initiatives and employee campaigns.


Gain insight about your audiences so you can better tailor your messaging to their preferences and needs.


Advanced reporting fo HR, L&D and Change Managers to track the goals and metrics that matter and improve programs.

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Our ProHabits mission is to is to help unify HR, L&D, and Change Management

The mission of ProHabits is to help unify HR, L&D, and Change Management to drive action on their programs and initiatives by better engaging with their employees and delivering more personalized experiences.

People Initiatives
Policy Shift
Leadership Development
Values Activation

Programmatically engage

Break down the wall of complicated and poorly executed programs and streamline your approach.


ProHabits distills your existing or newly developed content.

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    Partner Content

Need Content?
We got you covered.


The ProHabits system takes your employee data and segments based on a series of rules or criteria.

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Personalized Nudge Programs

Delivers personalized employee engagement workflows supporting your business objectives.

5+ Years
3M+ Datapoints
300+ Organizations

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