a mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations, used as a therapeutic technique.


Through our research, we have looked deep into the heart of companies to find ways in which their employees can become more engaged and enthralled in their day-to-day lives in a professional setting. “Stress is the no. 1 epidemic of our civilization,” according to author Deepak Chopra. “Indirectly or directly, it’s related to things like insomnia, anxiety, fear, but [also] cardiovascular illness, inflammation in the body, heart disease, autoimmune illnesses. So meditation is a very effective way to start tackling this problem, this epidemic of stress.”

Think to the last time you were sitting at your desk at work, that may even be right now. Now think of how often your mind wandered or how often you were distracted by things like text messages, personal (and professional) emails, phone calls, social media, and the like. It’s probably much more than you may realize. In fact, research has shown that our minds wander 50% of the time which can have a detrimental effect on everything from productivity to stress levels.


What’s a company or even employee supposed to do to remain productive throughout their day and focused on their day-to-day tasks? For some, it can seem as if this is an impossible feat in the age of technology. However, this isn’t the case, it’s even more so the opposite. Mindfulness has been proven to boost everything from morale to productivity to many things in between.

Countless studies have been done regarding the effects of mindfulness in the workplace and beyond. According one study, after two weeks of mindfulness training, participants found an “increased sense of well-being, decreased emotional exhaustion at work, and even increased job satisfaction.” The benefits of mindfulness have been proven time and time again; some statistics on people who practice it have included results like:

These benefits aren’t solely personal either. In fact, many companies have found tremendous success in the workplace by providing their employees with opportunities and practice mindfulness throughout their day.

Organizations and businesses alike have an incredible opportunity to develop a life-changing experience for their employees by giving them the tools for success and helping them succeed both in and outside of the workplace. We have found that when companies actively participate in their employee’s goals both personally and professionally, the results can be staggering.

Through daily and weekly mindfulness practices, you can elevate your company to its fullest potential and provide your employees with a desire to push themselves and the company further.

Stats On the Importance of Mindfulness within the Workplace: