Putting Your Culture and Values Into Action – Slush Conference

January 24, 2018
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Slush Conference is the next generation of coachella meets TED. A unique, world – renowned event that harnesses a community of thinkers, leaders, creators, investors, and students in hopes of creating a new perspective on entrepreneurship. The Slush event connects thought leaders and creators in the tech and startup world with investors in a conference meets festival setting. This not only gives a platform for ideas and inspiration but the cultivation of relationships beyond the event.

In November, our founder, Adam was given the opportunity to speak at the Slush Helsinki event and spread the story of ProHabits. Adam spoke on the mission of ProHabits, and its goal to bring organizations’ values to life. The mission of ProHabits is rooted in the power of positive psychology and its effect on building professional habits.

The Helsinki event hosted an audience of 17,500 attendees, 2,300 startups, 1,100 investors, and 600 journalist. This was the largest turnout in Slush history. Not only were we able to reach a massive audience, but merely being present at the event was inspiring and a chance to hear what is driving other innovative cultures around the world.

Check out Adam’s fireside chat with Nicolas Dessaigne, CEO of Algolia here:

John Paul

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