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Meet the interactive 21-day workshop that only takes 2-mins a day. These science-based micro-activities provide profound professional insight, stories of shared experiences, group encouragement, accountability, executive reporting, and real change.

Welcome to the World of MicroWorkshops.

The small changes change everything. People aren’t absorbing hours long eLearnings or seminars anymore. MicroWorkshops provide tiny social-media-like inputs with sustained frequency for behavior change. This is a practical solution for organizations looking for change at scale.

Practical Solutions for Everyone.

“The solution that leads to sustainable behavior change.” 

Marshall Goldsmith

#1 Leadership Thinker, Executive Coach, Author. Dartmouth Tuck Professor, Management Practice.

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The small changes change everything.

Do you do what you say?

Trust and credibility are the foundations of all leadership. The best way to build and maintain trust is to do what you say you will do. Today’s Action: Identify a commitment you made but haven’t done yet and spend a coupl minutes making progress.

Custom inspiration.

Image & Video based.

Prime the mindset.

Opening the curious mind.


Simple daily activity to do.

Commitment. Accountability.

80% complete after committing.

Meet the Modern
Leadership Workshop.