Top 15 tedtalks for a leadership development offsite

March 31, 2019
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Developing leadership is a long and difficult process — so it’s important to stay motivated to push through the many challenges you face. 

Below you’ll find 15 great TedTalks on leadership to help keep you motivated and informed.

8 Lessons on Building a Company People Enjoy Working For

If people don’t like the company they work for you’ll never retain your top talent. In this video, Patty McCord offers leaders effective strategies for building a company people actually want to work for.

Why your business needs dissenters

It may seem counterintuitive, but good leadership thrives on dissent. In this video, Andrew Millar explains the virtue of dissent within organizations.

The business benefit of doing good

Sometimes we’re led to believe that doing good and doing good business aren’t the same thing. But, in this video, Wendy Woods explains why doing good goes hand in hand with good business.

Why good leaders make you feel safe

If your team doesn’t feel safe they might function well enough — but they can never thrive. In This video, Simon Sinek offers advice to leaders on how to foster a safe team culture.

Want to help someone? shut up and listen!

As a leader, before you can help others solve their problems you need to really listen. In this video, Ernesto Sirolli discusses personal stories that can offer valuable insights to leaders.

Success is a continuous journey

Success is not a destination, but rather a continuous process. In this video, Richard St. John offers sage advice for success on your leadership journey.

Why we do what we do

You can’t successfully lead others until you understand the purpose behind what you do. In this video, Tony Robbins examines how motivation and purpose go hand in hand.

Why you should bring your whole self to work

Too often we put on masks and hide who we are at work, because we think we need to. Here, Dan Clay shows how bringing your full self to work can help your career flourish.

Don’t fail fast — fail mindfully

Learning to get back on your feet after setbacks is vital if you want to become successful. In this video, Leticia Gasca offers actionable advice for how to rethink and reframe setbacks on the road to success.

A millennial’s unexpected secret to success

Leaders today need to pay attention to the mindsets of their younger workforce. Because, there’s a good chance they’re different than yours. In this video, Daniela Zamudio offers insights into the minds of millennial workers.

How to build a company where the best ideas win

No one in their right mind would say that they want an idea to win because a high status person had it. No, we want the best ideas to win, but that doesn’t always happen. In this video, Ray Dalio offers leaders advice for how to help the best ideas win.

How to manage for collective creativity

Creativity isn’t just an individual activity — it can thrive from group collaboration as well. In this video, Linda Hill offers actionable insights into how leaders can harness group creativity.

Lead like the great conductors

What leader couldn’t learn from the leadership qualities of a great conductor? In this video, conductor Itay Talgam shares perspectives from some of history’s greatest conductors.

Tribal leadership

Here, David Logan offers insight into how leaders can leverage the tribal tendencies that people naturally exhibit.

The tribes we lead

Leadership is all about taking the initiative to find the ideas and values that bind a group. In this video, Seth Godin shows how tribes — people with shared ideas, values, and goals — can empower ordinary people to make extraordinary changes.

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