New Updates Coming to ProHabits

June 14, 2022
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The gist

Exciting updates and new features are coming to ProHabits. If you haven’t already, you’re going to see a few changes to your ProHabits email and dashboard.

All in all, you’ll discover new features, a new look, and a simplified experience.

Here are some of the new elements you can expect to see:

1. It’s going to look a little different

The look is probably the first thing you’ll notice about the new and improved ProHabits. The visual updates go well beyond the color scheme. We cleaned a few things up, removed unused aspects of the dashboard, and have rearranged some things so they’re easier to find.

New Updates Coming to ProHabits

2. Your encouragements will count

You can now keep track of how often you’re encouraging your colleagues. With the encouragements count you see how many times you’ve reacted with a “like” in response to your colleagues’ stories.

You’ll find it by scrolling down on your dashboard.

where you'll find your encouragements counter on the dashboard

3. We’ve simplified the settings

You can find your Settings on the left side of dashboard.

All your settings will be found here.

  1. If available at your organization, you’ll select the days you want to be active here.
  2. Out of Office. Here you can tell us the days you will not be able to perform MicroActivities.
  3. Profile: Here you can change your personal information.

New Updates Coming to ProHabits

For mobile, it can be found by clicking on the top lefthand menu button.

New Updates Coming to ProHabitsNew Updates Coming to ProHabits

4. You’ll be able to access your previous activities

You will be able to access your previous activities on your home page by clicking on My MicroActivities on the lefthand bar.

  1. Indicates the number of activities you’ve completed.
  2. A committed but unfinished activity will look like this.
  3. How a completed MicroActivity will look. Notice the option to ADD STORY
  4. What a completed MicroActivity looks like after all actions have been taken.

New Updates Coming to ProHabits

For mobile, you can find your previous MicroActivities by clicking on the upper lefthand menu button — shown below.

New Updates Coming to ProHabitsNew Updates Coming to ProHabits

The takeaway

These new designs and features are here to provide an improved, simplified experience.

  • The simplified settings page will help you personalize your ProHabits experience.
  • Access to your previous MicroActivities on the page of your dashboard will help you reinforce your favorite habits.
  • The encouragements tracker will help you assess your engagement with your colleagues.

Overall, our new design is aimed at helping you turn your positive intentions into action. Now, the only question is: Will you Commit?

If you run into any snags, please contact us at

John Paul

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