MicroActions are now Social

April 25, 2019
1 min

ProHabits has released new features that help make your team’s journey more social and provide more opportunities to recognize one another for accomplishments. These features will help you support your team, recognize them, and reflect and share the impact your microactions are having on you.

Here are some of the new ways you can use ProHabits:

  1. Reactions: Now you can react to your teams impact stories with emojis. If you see a story you love, react to it to encourage everyone to share more.
  2. Story Mentions: Now you can use stories as a way to tag your team. Shoutouts, impact stories, and thanks can now be shared publicly in the story wall.
  3. Achievements: Now when you reach a milestone you will receive an achievement. These are great for leaders to use to recognize their teams participation, and so you can track your progress on the platform more easily.
  4. Notifications: When you’re tagged, reach an achievement, or have reactions made to your stories we will notify you via email and in your dashboard. You can now keep track of all the ways your team is engaging with you on ProHabits.

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