The First Six Weeks of ProHabits

December 4, 2017
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In the 30 workdays since ProHabits launched, across 18 companies and 1,300 users, we have inspired 15,638 days worth of people living their organization’s values.

The First Six Weeks of ProHabits

Can We Operationalize Core Values?

The First Six Weeks of ProHabits

ProHabits is on a mission to examine the connection between personal growth and organizational success. Our human-centric tech aligns personal development with organizational growth by delivering opportunities for living core values on a daily basis.

We adopt the perspective of ubiquitously appreciated psychologist Abraham Maslow to explain the logic behind ProHabits. We believe that as individuals grow towards self actualization, they become more engaged and inspired at work. ProHabits provides the catalyst for growth toward self-actualization by promoting daily activities designed to make core values actionable.

The ultimate goal of ProHabits is to make living your values a habit. To achieve this goal, our platform measures and promotes personal growth via positive contributions to organizational culture. Ultimately, our research will determine how people’s daily micro-interactions can have a macro-impact for organizations.

How it Works:The First Six Weeks of ProHabits

Your organization starts the day with an email describing today’s activity. 

The daily micro-activities are always unique, intrinsically rewarding, and designed to bring your organization’s values to life. Simple ask. Do you commit?

Later in the day, those who clicked “I commit” receive a check-in email asking if they completed their activity

After users commit or check-in, they are sent to their organization’s dashboard. The dashboard presents information to motivate growth and engagement:

  • Visual progress tracking
  • Streaks promote daily engagement
  • Social activity feed
  • Leaderboard to recognize and reward

We are proud to discuss the incredible results we have had the ability to uncover within the first six weeks. 

The First Six Weeks of ProHabitsOur unique habit delivery system allows us to track several levels of daily engagement.

Commitments occur when a user clicks “I commit” in their morning email. Since our launch 6 weeks ago, ProHabits has had a total of 21,128 Commitments.

Completed activities occur when a user clicks “I did it” in their check-in email. Since the launch, ProHabits has tracked 15,638 Completed activities.

In the 30 workdays since ProHabits launched, across 18 companies and 1300 users, we have inspired 15,638 days worth of people living their organization’s values.

Engagement Score: 15,638 completed / 21,128 commitments = a completion rate of 74%!

We compared the first 20 days of engagement across our first cohort research group of organizations. On average, organizations completed about 10 activities per user. The top performing company completed almost 15 activities per user.

How They Chose to Grow

The First Six Weeks of ProHabits

ProHabits is currently testing 6 ProTracks or daily curricula that best aligns with an organization’s values and objectives: ProFocus, ProTeamwork, ProDuctivity, ProMindfulness, ProInnovation, and ProEmpowerment. We help participating organizations choose the ProTracks that fit their values. Next, users choose a ProTrack based on the specific set of habits they want to learn. User’s choice of ProTrack offers us insight into the areas of personal growth they are interested in.

Of the 7 available ProTracks, ProFocus is the most popular with 360 total usersThe second most popular ProTrack is ProTeamwork with a total of 298 users. ProHabits has 1,334 total active users.

Although it has the fewest current users, ProMindfulness has the highest engagement score:

ProMindfulness: 78.69%

ProFocus: 75.49%

ProTeamwork: 73.67%

ProDuctivity: 72.37%

ProEmpowerment: 71.92%

ProInnovation: 67.92%

The Future

The First Six Weeks of ProHabits

Through our ongoing research and feedback, we have new features on the horizon to ensure better feedback and reviews, flexibility, personalization, and social engagement. One of most anticipated new features includes a ProHabits “Reflection Wall” which allows participating individuals the ability to discuss their experience with the platform among co-workers, share stories, and offer recognition. This will add a social feature to the platform while also connecting various departments and those doing other available ProTracks within the organization.

To visit the companies that are seeing growth and results with ProHabits, click below.

BCU | Impact | Innovative Office Solutions | Tovar | Autosoft | Mission Critical Partners | Algolia | Scientel Solutions | Tuthill | Salesforce | UL | Freshii | Alegeus | Advance Medical | 8th Light | Biggby Coffee | Coverhound

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