Our First 14 Days: The ProHabits Research

October 10, 2017
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With the launch of our ProHabits Research Demo, we are proud to discuss some of the incredible results we have already had the ability to uncover within the first two weeks. With a growing list of companies that are signing up to join us in our research, we’re happy to say that our partners are already seeing results within their organizations.

In the two weeks since launch, ProHabits is proud to have partnered with progressive organizations to set about a movement of professional success through the development of professional habits and making company values more than just a plaque on the wall.

First Cohort Participants

Our First 14 Days: The ProHabits Research

The ProTracks

Users choose a ProTrack to train a specific set of habits that align to their organization’s values.

  • 7 ProTracks are being evaluated in this Research:
  • ProFocus, ProTeamwork, ProDuctivity, ProMindfulness, ProInnovation, ProEmpowerment, and ProFeedback.
  • Of the 7 available ProTracks, ProFocus is the most popular with 194 total users.
  • The second most popular ProTrack is ProTeam with a total of 102 users.
  • In addition, in our first two weeks, ProHabits has received 783 reviews with the most popular activity being “Ask What’s Most Important” which is a part of the ProFocus ProTrack.

User Engagement: 80% Completion Rate on Committed Activities

Our First 14 Days: The ProHabits Research

Our unique habit delivery system operates entirely through email and web and allows us to track several levels of daily engagement.

Commitments occur when a user receives their morning email that introduces the day’s activity for their selected ProTrack. The email then asks if the user commits to this activity, to which they then respond “I Commit” or “I Can’t Commit Today”. Since our Research launch, ProHabits has had a total of 2,333 Commitments in its first two weeks.

Completions occur when a user receives their evening email that sums up that day’s activity for their selected ProTrack. The email asks the user how the day’s activity went, to which they then respond “I Did It” or “I Couldn’t Do It”. Since the launch of our Research, ProHabits has tracked 1,855 Completions in the first 14 days. That’s a completion rate of about 80%!


“I had an employee ask to talk to me today because he was about to talk to teammates about some issues, then read today’s ProHabits feedback tips around going in with the right attitude and realized that he was actually going in with the wrong attitude. We talked through alternative approaches that could be more successful. Thought you should know that people are using it, and it’s impacting behavior.”

Moving Forward

Our First 14 Days: The ProHabits ResearchAs ProHabits continues onward, we’re making constant improvements to our program every day. To date, we’ve began an ongoing initiative of improvement and testing with nearly 900 collected reviews on daily activities. We’re also assessing the impact of each ProTrack on personal and professional outcomes.

Since our launch, there’s been an accelerated rate in the number of companies requesting to join our Research. These new participants and collaborators are providing us with opportunities to test new features and ProTracks, and allow us to design customized solutions aimed at helping them live their core values and purpose.

In addition, through our ongoing research and feedback, we have new features on the horizon to ensure better feedback and reviews, flexibility, personalization, and social engagement. One of most anticipated new features includes a ProHabits “Feed” which allows participating individuals the ability to discuss their experience with the platform among coworkers. This will add a social feature to the platform while also connecting various departments and those doing other available ProTracks within the organization.

If you’d like to learn more about ProHabits or sign up for the Research, click here.

John Paul

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