Employee Engagement Habits: Aligning your Team with Organizational Values

June 3, 2018
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Like individuals, organizations are largely a collection of habits. Habits of thought and habits of action. By harnessing employee engagement habits, to align your team with organizational values, you can transform your business. This isn’t limited to a small subset of organizations, but can apply to any organization’s needs – from the loftiest cause to simple safety measures.

Values aren’t what you say – they’re what you do

In both individuals and organizations, there’s a disconnect from what they say their values are and what their actions reveal. Individuals profess one thing and do another. Organizations state values, but quickly forget them.

This is why organizations need employee engagement habits that regularly align the individual actors in an organization with the values they seek to uphold. Through engagement activities organizations can simultaneously inspire their teams and live up to their organizational goals. Instead of just talking about it.

Why live organizational values?

Aside from the obvious good organizational values set out to do, living these values is essential for your business objectives as well. Most notably – maintaining your brand.

Too often a company’s marketing department will come up with awesome well worded values that then just sit on a company website. They then post them everywhere, but no one remembers them besides the marketers.

That is, aside from your clients or customers. They see these values, and if your organization doesn’t live them then they see that too. If they notice a disconnect between your values and actions they will see you as inauthentic and your brand will suffer.

Living your values prevents problems before they arise and can help restore an organization.

Why Engagement?

As it stands, 70% of the American workforce is disengaged. That means workers are uninspired and view work as a source of drudgery – not a place for continual improvement and self development. That means that they’re okay with only putting in the minimal effort they need to get by.

When people are engaged and inspired by their work they continually strive to improve and to better their skills. When your whole team is working to better themselves – the organization as a whole is bettered. And, of course, the work lives of everyone in the organization are improved as well.

Why Habits?

We are what we repeatedly do – and habits are precisely that: what we do.  This is why forging habits is so vital – an organization is a large system of habits.

Making engagement a habit requires a daily commitment to personal growth. Accomplished through simple daily commitments, incremental growth can lead to large scale transformations.  

So, if you want your organization to change or improve, focus on habits first and the rest will fall into place.

Engagement tech and habits

Until only recently instituting effective engagement initiatives required cumbersome logistical manoeuvres. However innovative tech has been developed that simplifies the engagement process. This is from the emerging world of engagement tech.

Engagement tech now allows for a streamlined access to data and interactive gamified engagement activities. These features allow for strategies that will bring with a distinct competitive advantage for those who utilize them.

John Paul

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