7 Reasons Employee Engagement Software Needs To Be An Executive Priority

May 8, 2018
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Employee engagement is one of the pivotal management concerns of our time. As competition is driving companies to create more creative strategies, employers will need to ensure that they are harnessing the full potential of their human capital. This is where Employee Engagement Software comes in: systematized and scalable tech solutions for employee engagement.

Here are seven reasons employee engagement software needs to be an executive priority:

Executives already know they need engagement solutions

90% of executives understand the importance of employee engagement, but less than half understand how to maximize it. This is why leading companies are looking into scalable tech systems for their engagement solutions. The time is fast approaching when employee engagement software will become the business standard.  

Engaged employees mean happy customers

According to a study conducted by Temkin Group, there is a significant correlation between customer satisfaction and employee engagement.

The engagement of an employee is not just their subjective experience of worklife – it’s a recognizable way they interact with everyone – especially customers. Customers can tell when their service is lackluster – and they can tell when they are being served by someone interested and happy to help.  

Engagement sustains advantage in an increasingly competitive environment

Many business leaders across a number of industries are finding themselves in ever more precarious positions as bold tech startups threaten to upend their established position. The phenomenon for many of these presents unprecedented challenges. This is why John Deere, the most recognizable name in agricultural machinery, is measuring employee engagement every two weeks.

Disengaged talent will leave if given the opportunity

Key talent can make or break a company and many companies are walking on thin ice as they allow their best and brightest to be disengaged and underappreciated. Allowing the disengagement of talent among business leadership has resulted in an astonishing 84% of workers confirming that they would leave if offered the opportunity.

Disengagement hurts your bottom line

A recent study conducted by CareerBuilder demonstrates the harsh consequences of ignoring employee engagement. It is estimated that the cost to employers is north of $25,0000 – with many claiming in excess of $50,000. The vast majority of employers agreeing that worker disengagement negatively affects their business.

Engagement equals profit

When workers are thoroughly disengaged in their work there are clear losses – on the other end there are also clear gains from increases in investments in employee engagement. The Workplace Research Foundation found that an increase in investment in employee engagement by 10% resulted in up to $2,400 more in profits per employee for the year.

While these numbers are not necessarily about engagement software – engagement software is the easiest and most scalable to implement as an engagement investment.

There is untold potential in a truly engaged workforce

While disengagement is certainly a detriment to the profits of an organization – the potential of a truly engaged and inspired workforce makes the effort of implementing employee engagement software undeniably worthwhile.

Imagine what your workforce would accomplish if they were not only fully involved in their work, but inspired to constantly improve.

John Paul

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