The Inclusion Habit

The Inclusion Habit

Inclusion Analysis

*based on a participant surveys and shared stories which were qualitatively coded to measure impact of the actions

90% Reported More Inclusive Behavior

46% Indicate Changes in interactions

14% Indicate Changes in Perceptions

35% Described improved Mindfulness/Reflection

27% Described Greater Sense of Community

24% Reported Enhanced Connection

“The Inclusion Habit was a quick and easy way to get me mindful about how I can be more effective if I just take a moment to understand the proclivities of others and how those tendencies and inclinations can be leveraged for better relationships and outcomes.”
– Vice President, Human Resources

“As the name suggests this exercise definitely becomes a “Habit”, I look forward to reading the day’s habit as soon as it pops-up. There are many interesting stories and experiences that people share on the storyboard which are both enlightening and thought provoking,”
– Associate, Services Technology