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October 31, 2018
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Can personal growth habits lead to increased customer engagement?CoverHound observed a 15% increase in their Net Promoter Scores their first month of ProHabits.12 months into their partnership with ProHabits focusing on culture and values, CoverHound continues to lead with the highest NPS in the insurance industry.

  • CoverHound® is an insurance technology company with a flourishing culture that leverages personal growth and core values to promote a sharp focus on the customer. CoverHound initially utilized ProHabits to discover their team’s commitment to personal growth and has since determined that living their values can align with improved customer relations.
  • CoverHound uses Net Promoter Scores (NPS) to measure customer satisfaction. During their time with ProHabits, CoverHound demonstrated record levels of engagement in personal growth and noticed a considerable increase in the percent of customers who were very likely to recommend the company to others.

CoverHound’s culture at a glance


To continually exceed expectations when providing transparent choice & competitive rates for anyone’s insurance needs.

John Paul

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