We exist to help you ignite a positive and productive work culture

ProHabits enables people to cultivate better professional habits. It unlocks the potential of an entire organization by translating complex people strategies into MicroActions. We strive to bring simplicity into complex work environments. Our elegant solutions promote and provides actionable insights for executives.

Seventy percent of transformations fail.

There are a variety of factors that hinder transformation. Overcoming them requires encouraging and sustaining positive behaviors that will allow organizations to grow at every level.

who we are

ProHabits is the digital platform bridging leadership values, complex people goals and coaching moments to create behavior change at scale.


Cultural Alignment

As organizational structures, systems, and processes evolve, alignment is needed. We promote shifting culture by encouraging behaviors that align people with the business strategy.

Behavioral Transformation

As the business climate shifts, so do mindsets. We identify subcultures that may account for higher or lower group performance and encourage new behaviors at scale.

Employee Wellbeing

As our new working world presents challenges from remote fatigue to an isolated employee experience, we operationalize vision and values into everyday work life.

Workforce Transitions

As mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures occur in the enterprise arena, we support managers and employees to develop new skillsets and align with new strategies.

Manager Development

As we all know, people leaders profoundly impact performance, resiliency, and employee experience. We nurture positive manager-employee relationships.

Inclusive Leadership

As positive momentum builds inside a company, we help leaders share their resources equitably, include diverse perspectives, and elevate psychological safety.

It’s time for simple solutions in a complex work environment.

We understand the difference between a board mandate and a CEO initiative when it comes to transformation. We help leaders address the needs of their people by facilitating skill training, encouragement, and recognition.


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We provide the tools to sustain moments of elevation from speakers and executives.